Chloe Edith Found in Neiman Marcus

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  1. Welcome Savannah!! Glad you could help us out!:idea:
  2. I just talked to NM online's customer service and she said that the dimension online is correct. I told her about the info you guys got from the Chloe store and said that there is nothing on their system that says there is something wrong with the dimension. Anyway, I want this bag no matter the size. Although, the large for that price is a really good deal. :biggrin:
  3. That's another reason why I think the NM site has it wrong. Hopefully, they will call Chloe and confirm the dimensions, and if it is wrong, change the site accordingly.
  4. The price for the medium Edith is $1275, the large is $1720, according to the SA from the Chloe store.
  5. It just makes sense that the dimensions would be for the larger one at $1720. I just can't imagine that Chloe made this bag even BIGGER
  6. NM never has very good info on their site. I always check other places to confirm.
  7. I think the measurements on are wrong - I've stopped trusting their sizing since I was looking at a Lauren Merkin tote and realised, after laying the dimmensions out on the floor, that they couldn't possibly be right. So try not to worry - wait and see what it actually looks like.
  8. Does anyone know when they actually charge your credit card for this preorder? Do they wait until it is shipped?
  9. I think they wait until its shipped.

    BTW thanks for the info English Girl and gina- it's really good to know for the future!!!
  10. i had one on order with bergdorf's and cancelled it immediately because I CANNOT BUY ANOTHER BROWN BAG. IF I HAVE ONE MORE BROWN BAG, I RUN THE RISK OF TURNING BROWN MYSELF.

    but it's killlllling me. at least i can console myself with the fact that you can't put it on your shoulder, because if you could, it would be the perfect school bag and i would be forced to buy one.
  11. :lol::lol::lol:
  12. thanxs jag and savannah, i can now breathe a sigh of relief too.
  13. Ugh! I do not want an armheld briefcase and sold my Balenciaga work on ebay as I like the city size bag better... And while I do like the large silverado, I don't think I need an even bigger everday bag... And bigger than the spy????

    Edit post after reading more of thread...NM measurements are off???
  14. Edit post after reading more of thread...NM measurements are off???[/quote]

    YES!!! At least, that is the consensus, especially after talking with Chloe boutiques. It seems that a few members have noticed discrepancies with NM's measurements/descriptions.
  15. I don't think NM's measurements are that far off. I saw both the medium and the large in person. The large is practically a carry-on suitcase. The medium is pretty large, the size of a large gisele. The bag in real life is absolutely gorgeous, but I definitely would not get the large. It is truly BIG BIG BIG, sort of bag where you'd fit the gym clothes, shoes, bathrobe and towel (ok... maybe not the bathrobe).