Chloe Edith Found in Neiman Marcus

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  1. Ladies,

    Anyone want an Edith, get on, they have the chocolate and whiskey. I just got a chocolate but not to be shipped until May.
  2. Do you think those measurements are right?! I'm starting to fret because I ordered it in the whiskey awhile's going to be one HUGE bag!!

    The chocolate is gorgeous!! If I didn't have my choc spy..........
  3. They have both Whisky and Ivory Paddies too. Bergdorf's has the tan Kerala satchel I've had my eye on, but all my bag purchases on on hold for at least another month.
  4. I ordered the whiskey too and now I am totally freaking out that its going to be WAY too big! I am only 5' 1"- do you think this is going to look more like luggage than a handbag???:cry:
  5. At those measurements, I think it's going to look like a briefcase, to be quite honest because of the style of the bag. What to do?!! Well, maybe I'll just get it and return it.....I'm getting mine from NM, thank goodness! If I was going to be stuck with store credit from Chloe, I'd be ticked. They should have provided measurements a long time ago!!! I remember people asking and they wouldn't give any measurements.
  6. I called Chloe twice to find out measurements and they never had them! Fianlly, I ordered mine through my SA at Neimans too! I am have some serious second thoughts now though! I had visions of this bag being quite smaller especially since it has to be held on the crook of your arm! UGH!
  7. I know the feeling.....maybe some of the gals that went to the Chloe trunk show will post. I think some saw the Edith in person.
  8. Let's hope so!!! I am sweating bullets over here! At least there are about 10 other bags I am seriously in love with right now :love: LOL!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. Yes, there will always be another!! It's just disappointing if those measurements are correct because I was looking forward to a nice handheld bag.....I just can't imagine 19 1/2 inches across!!
  10. Seriously, that is 6 inches wider than my MJ Blake- and I thought that was pretty big!
  11. I told myself that the spy was going to be my biggest bag....this is bigger than the spy!!
  12. Darn, NM took down that pic of the gal holding the Edith in chocolate, too. It did look kind of big on her, but I thought maybe it was the angle of the pic.
  13. OMG! that is HUGE!!! LOL! I am going to look like I am carrying a frickin overnight bag around everywhere!!! :lol::lol::lol: Has anyone seen the Edith in person??? Please post and tell us what you think! PLEASE!!!
  14. :amazed: ...those dimensions are slightly larger than my Work B-bag! My B-bag is about 13"H x 17.5"W. Doesn't matter...I love big bags! :love:
  15. OMG!! I just compared dimensions with a bag I've tried on....the large silverado doctor bag. They make a medium doc bag, but the large is really big. The Edith is bigger than the large doc bag!!