Chloe EDITH for 1,828.00!!!

  1. I know that the Edith seems to be the hardest bag around to get your hands on these days - but this much of a price jump seems unreal. How can they sell if for so much above what Chloe and NM are selling it for!?
  2. Style drops prices are always inflated. They pay for customs/duties fees so I guess they feel the need to pad the prices. :rant: Sometimes, they will have something that is sold out or hard to find elsewhere & that might be a case to pay a little extra but that price is crazy!
  3. You can pre-order the Edith at LVR and save, even thought you will have to pay some customs fees. Chloe seems to have MASS produced them for fall in a rainbow of colors.
  4. Yeah, Styledrops are out of their minds! I don't remember which handbag I was checking the other day and their sale price a little higher than the original retail price of the bag!!!
  5. The Price Is Crazy.....