Chloe Edith Conteen Satchel - 660$ - at NM!

  1. It's gone:crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. weird, it's back!
  3. still there!
  4. GONE again! This is like playing Whack-a-Mole! lol!
  5. ...and it's back.
  6. Still there...
  7. Cute bag!
  8. :roflmfao: ^that's funny!!

    I wonder why the same bags keeping popping back up on Are they being returned that frequently or is their website just screwed up since a lot of orders end up being canceled?
  9. Its still there.

    I saw this bag IRL and didn't like it.
  10. i love the color and the look, but decided it wasn't for me since you have to undo two buckles to get into the main compartment or the front pocket, and i need quicker access b/c i'm impatient :smile:
  11. socalgem,

    can you describe what you didn't like about it? i just ordered it from the sale, but i've never seen it in real life.



  12. does this worry anybody about the condition of Neiman Marcus sale items? possibly people are buying the bags on sale, finding that the bags are damaged or stained and returning them? have other people bought Neiman Marcus sale items and been satisfied?
  13. I ordered this same exact bag from NM last week and was really nervous based on some threads I'd seen in the Chloe sub-forum, but it was 100% flawless, wrapped in a Chloe dustbag, and well packed.
  14. I have had great luck with the condition of the NM items I have ordered during this sale. The great thing is that you can always return to the store if you don't like it. That eliminates the shipping cost and you get your credit MUCH faster that way.