Chloe Edith Bowling Bag Last Call Miami

  1. Just got off the phone with Emilene in Miami. They just received a large shipment of Bowling Bags in Black, Red and Whiskey on sale for 747.00. Ladies, I placed my order. Call Emilene at 305-591-1101

    This is my second bag in 2 weeks. Yea!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!
  2. I'm lost- what is a bowling bag? (Not that I can shop any more THIS week.) Is it the Edith bowler in which case I am envisioning a large very cool round top bag.
  3. yes, I think I called it an Edith by mistake. Actually, Emilene (SA) at Neimans Last Call Miami sold me the Edith and when she called I was happy to hear about the new arrivals. She mentioned these are larger and more rounded bags. A bit large but I dont mind the size, more room so I can lose my keys and lipstick in!!!!
  4. I saw these at the Last Call in Milpitas, CA when I went over and got one of my Ediths last Friday. They are gorgeous, but be aware that they are really really big :tup:
  5. I agree. I have seen these IRL. They are very huge.
  6. they are very large...but if you need a good travel bag or overnighter, they'd be great...this was the first edith version i had seen IRL before the regular edith satchel...they're both gorgeous bags!
  7. anyone have an action shot? :graucho:
  8. Just got my bag. Here is a picture. Love it!!!.. Good luck gals. Emilene at NMLC Miami got me a great bag for a wonderful price.

    Good luck!
  9. Here you go.....trying to take a picture of my bag, cut off my head but doing this alone is not easy, hope this helps ladies
  10. Thanks for posting! It is super cute and great if you are someone who carries around a bunch of stuff.
  11. it looks great on you, cutebag..

    great price too..
  12. It looks so nice on you!
    I have an Edith bowling... but she is different and smaller.
  13. LOL! I am trying to picture you doing this alone! But you do look pretty spectacular with that bag!!!