Chloe Edith Bowler

  1. Just bought the Bag!! Not sure if im going to like it but couldn't pass on the deal! I guess I can always return it. Neiman Marcus Online sales &values
    1,660 for 664. !!!!!:yahoo:
  2. I just saw the one...I wanted the shopper and when I finally decided to get it, it was gone :s

    Hope you love it!
  3. OMG!!!!! Just got my Edith Bag! Wasn't expecting much because the picture wasn't great (never saw it in person) Such a great deal $664.00!!!!! :yahoo: I Love It!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!! It is very big so I won't be using it as an everyday handbag, but it is fabulous to travel with! My girlfriend was here when I received it and wanted me to look and see if maybe it went back on NM's was.....back to regular price:nuts: more than double!!!
  4. congratulations. Good deal you got there.
  5. yay! i'm so happy for you!
  6. Thanks guys! With some bad purchases...sometimes you get lucky;)
  7. I was lucky enough to get one too!!! It is such a steal- now you see dozens of them popping up on eBay for double the price!
  8. Rolexgirl, are you going to use it for travel too? Don't u think it is a little big to carry around as a handbag? What do u think?
  9. you know there'e a seller on eBay selling a Saleya GM and PM, if you guys know tell me if it'll be too big to carry like a reg bag, like the chloe edith bowler.
  10. I tried it on at the Chloe store a few weeks back when it was only 30% off there. I am definitely going to use it for travel! I like big bags, but this one is really big for everyday use!
  11. I agree! I love it so much I can't wait to go away!:yahoo:
  12. I just measured my edith and it's pretty close to the measurements of the GM (i think too big for everyday) the PM though sounds great...13x9 I don't think is too big at all.
  13. Hi Lynnie & RolexGirl...

    I was also one of the lucky ones to pick one of these babies up for $664 too! It's gorgeous. And I agree... I will be using it for travel, or for toting around stuff to the office... overniter etc. It's a great bag. I don't think I would have bought it for the $1600 bucks, but for that price it's a steal and I'll be using it. Congrats to all!!!
  14. btw... just want to mention... I *wish* I was in the marketplace here... I know it's a priviledge and I'm counting the days to being there. I have another Edith bowler I bought the week before for a little under $900 that I need to return now... and it's a sin. I wish I could pass this wonderful deal to someone else. It will be returned to NM via mail. :crybaby:
  15. wow, congrats! fantastic deal you got!