chloe edith bowler

  1. I am wanting to get the edith bowler but I wonder if it is too big. Is that bag great for everyday use. Anybody have a picture of them carrying the bowler please post. Thanks:wlae:
  2. She is, IMO, too big for everyday. But she is Fabulous!!!! I use her as my travel bag. :tup:
  3. I'm about to be banned :biggrin:
  4. are you allowed to post an item to sell?
  5. No you aren't allowed to post items to sell. :nogood:
  6. think the bag is too big for an everyday one...and we're not allowed to sell stuff here, darlin'
  7. Too big for everyday use. I agree. I hope someone can provide a pic though :smile:
  8. at FIRST, i was very intimidated by the size... ive had it for 4 days now, and it works out very well as I'm very on-the-go and carry eveyrthing in it. it's NOT too big, and i'm only 5'4. so sport it proud :tup:
  9. Lynnie, is yours the one in your avatar? is that muscade or whiskey? It is so nice...

  10. PC, i am glad to hear this. i have been dying to see large bowler edith carried but cant find any pics. all pics are of the classic edith in medium. just found some pics of large classic edith.

    i too love large bags, but dont you find it a bit heavy though?