Chloe Edith Bowler NM

  1. Wow! What a deal! Thanks for posting!
  2. gone already
  3. Awesome deal! Thanks for posting!
  4. Oh my gosh... That would have been an amazing bag!! The colour on that bag is TDF! :drool: congrats to the lucky girl who snapped her up! :yahoo:
  5. gone!
  6. I actually got it. I hope it looks good. I bought 3 bags from NM and I will be returning all of them. :girlsigh:
  7. which one's did you get?
  8. They are all silverados. The silverado hobo and the big silverado with 4 pockets.
  9. Wow, and none of them are keepers?
  10. This is such a classic bag! It's gone!
  11. She's back...
  12. Hope I got it this time.:p