Chloe Edith Boots

  1. Just bought the chloe large edith bowler from NM and LOVE IT!!! I noticed they have the matching boots 1/2 price! I would only be using bag for travel because it is sooo big, but thought it would look very polished to wear the boots with the bag! They are around 500. but were 1000. am I crazy to buy the matching boots! There is nothing special about them, but I wasn't crazy about the edith bag photo on NM when I bought it and Love it in person! What do you think? Neiman Marcus Online don't know how to post a pic yet (sorry):confused1:
  2. Are you thinking about the boots in ivory? They are gorgeous! I'd buy them if I could. I bought an Edith around Christmas time and as much as I like it, I agree, it is really big.
  3. Chloe boots are cute! Go for them!
  4. I went ahead a bought them in the brown. The ivory look cute but I don't know what i would wear them with? When I think of white or ivory boots I think of Dallas cowboy cheerleaders! Does anyone know how they run size wise? I am a 39 but they didn't have my size. I ordered the 39.5. Hope they fit.
  5. Ivory or Brown Chloe boots? links on my previous post! Thanks for your opinion:confused1:
  6. Hey Lynnie,

    Both colors are cute. I would get them both and pair them up with my wardrobe to see which I prefer. The ivory isn't a true white, and it really does pop against neutral or darker dresses. I paired mine with a army green dress and a neutral toned pleated skirt. It looked hot! I can see your concerns about how it would look sort of like the DCCs. Order 'em and if your don't like them, send 'em back.
  7. I'm losing my mind...just bought 3 chloe bags today too:nuts: Would u pick the riding boots or the edith in ivory? Only buying one....Promise!
  8. LOL...I can't even choose for myself. If I had to get only one, I'd go with the Edith if you like heels. If you prefer flats...then get the riding boot. Sorry...I am so not helping am I? Shucks....I still say get them both and then choose one.
  9. I am also a nut and bought the Chloe Prince boots in Dark brown to match my choco Paddy. It's an addiction, I tell you!
  10. Lynnie - the Chloe Edith boots ran a little large on me. I wear a 38.5 but ordered the 39 since I wasn't sure either, and I had to return them. Let us know what you decide!