Chloe Edith Bag Pictured in Victoria Secret!!!

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  1. Fall Fashion 2007 Vol. 2 No. 2
    Page 157

    Looks like the edith in Chamois
    It is definitely a Chloe, you can even see the name engraved on the front.
    Here is a pic (horrible quality due to taking with my phone) but I thought I would share the exciting news as the Ediths do not get much fame it seems.

  2. Thats definitely the edith!!! How cool is that......
  3. It could be a mastic. Nice to see ediths in the magazine
  4. ^^Yeah, I believe it is mastic...
  5. It looks really good in this picture and it is now making me want one. A RED one. Gotta run over to the shopping forum...
  6. I saw this picture in a VC catalog also,it's an edith satchel in mastic. A silverado bag is pictured in that catalog too.
  7. :nuts: WOW~ It looks good in the pic!!! Thanks for posting :heart:
  8. haha, nice. :smile:
  9. Yeh Edith!!
  10. ahahahha! i saw that too...another model has a silverado too...i think they must just use their own bags at these shoots of something! hahaha
  11. I noticed that too. Nice to see some free publicity!
  12. You Go Edith!!! hehehe COOL!
  13. That's my Edith!!!! :biggrin:
  14. A clearer pic ;).
  15. I thought that was an Edith!