Chloe Drew: Which size

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  1. Hi All.

    I've been going back and forth reg the size I should get for the drew bag. I've browsed through photos and can't decide between a mini or small. Plus there's also a question of which color to get.

    Appreciate your thoughts and if you have comparison model pics as well to help me decide.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Hello, are you looking to wear it all year or just in spring/ summer - if the latter i would recommend a mini. Also i think the mini is a great weekend and evening size but the small could be used also for work.

    i think if it is a year round bag which would also be used for work, i would go for small. But personally i think the mini works better on my body when i tried it.
  3. I purchased the mini size and I absolutely love it! While I do usually have to keep my wallet, cellphone, pens, and other small miscellaneous items semi-organized in order for the purse to close, I think the mini size allows me to be pretty clutter free. I use it as an every day bag, but it's a great transition to evening in the mini size. Additionally, if you loop the strap underneath the flap it can be held like a top handle and I think it looks great like that in mini size. Long story short, I'm a big fan of the mini size!
  4. I just purchased small. I went to the store with an intention to buy mini, but when I saw it in person it was too small for me (small size looked to big on photos, but it turned out to be perfect). I definitely recommend that you try it on first.
  5. I generally prefer small bags, and I got a small Drew. For me, it's such a magical size. It's not too small for all my essentials, but still has some extra space on days where I may need to bring one or two extra things. I really love the small size.
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