Chloe Drew Repair Help

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've had my Chloe Drew for a little more than a month, and a 2 weeks ago, it broke! :crybaby: I ordered the bag from Nordstrom, however, they said that they don't handle bag repairs.
    Does anyone know if the actual Chloe boutique(s) handle repairs of their own products? Even if it wasn't bought from an actual Chloe boutique?

    Any help is definitely appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. I've had my Chloé bag repaired in one of the flagship stores (this was London)

    I just called them and explained. They were super helpful! Shipped them my bag, they called back with a price for the repair (€20), fixed it and shipped it bag to me. No problem what so ever.

    However, that was a vintage Chloé bag with no receipt. Nordstrom should def help you out!!
  3. Actually they should. is it manufacturing defect or you did something unfortunate with your bag?
    My local Nordstrom does repairs and SPA, they have associated cobbler in the area that does this service for designer bags for several retailers (yet they didn't tell me who is that).
  4. Has anyone experienced chipping of the hardware on their Chloe drew bag?
  5. I noticed this today on my not even two week old Marcie.
  6. I did not have this problem, but I had my inner stitching on my Marcie come undone a few months after I go it (and was not overstuffed). I sent it to Chloe in Manhattan with photos and they repaired it and sent back (it did take about 8 weeks FYI). Maybe email the closest Chloe store?
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