Chloe Drew - lusting + reveal ❤️

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  1. Hi everyone,

    After lusting after this bag for a few years I finally bit the bullet and bought one from Vestiaire. It should be arriving tomorrow and I literally can’t wait ! I will definitely do a reveal if anyone’s interested and in the meantime I’d be curious to know what you think of the bag... Would you consider it a classic ? Do you have it and if so how are you liking it ? What’s your favorite color for it ? I got it in motty grey because I already have a pale pink Marcie but I’m wondering if I made the right call ?

  2. I want to See!
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  3. It’s here !!! I’m super excited !!! IMG_7003.JPG IMG_7004.JPG
  4. More!
  5. IMG_7005.JPG
  6. I think it’s great!
  7. Thank you I adore it too IMG_7016.JPG IMG_7017.JPG
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  8. beautiful bag! suits you totally! congrats:heart:
  9. Thank you very much ️ do you think it looks weird crossbody ?
  10. I like it either Way! Awesome bag!
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