chloè dress with a HUGE problem!!! HELP!!!

  1. hello ladies, have a huge problem and question!!
    Does anyone of you remember the fall 2006 Chloè collection?? Right, so.. there was this fantastic white dress, with pockets at the bottom on the front side, that... I couldn't understand which kind of zip it had behind. :confused1:
    Some of the clothes of that collection had a stripe of cotton with a zip behind. But what about the white dress?? :shrugs: it a has something different?? Dunno!!!
    I'm asking this 'coz a friend of mine bought this dress and we don't know if it is a fake or no, and the only why to "discover the truth" is that zip!!!

    I'm gonna post two different pics: one is the white dress, and the other one is one of the zips of the others collection's dresses...
    Hope you can help me!!! Love ya all :heart:
    chloé fall 2006 - Tanya Dziahileva.jpg chloé - pleated detail top - 03.jpg
  2. Well I guess it's a little too late to check in the shops, but I imagine if the dress were to have a zip, it would look the same as the one in the second pic. Hope that helped!
  3. yeah, I know... But never found it anywhere in my town!!
    So when I discovered this forum I ran here askin for your help :shame:
    Yeah, I think you're right anyway...

    Do you think that if I post an e-mail on "net-a-porter" web, they're gonna answer me back?
  4. I'm not sure exactly what your asking but not all Chloe zippers are the same, especially on dresses.

    If you post pics of your dress, we can help authenticate.
  5. yeah, it would be amazing but... I don't know where my friend is... :wtf:
    she left for a trip with her mum!!! :push:

    BTW, I can try on net-a-porter web, do I?