Chloe Double-zip Paddington Bag

  1. I did a search and couldn't find a previous discussion about this....

    Sooooo... it's DOUBLE-ZIP... let's discuss...

    I like it. So far I've only seen it on net-porter and only in grey:
    Chloé Double-zip Paddington bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  2. Yes - I think this is a new '07 Paddy profile. I actually like it a lot. I wonder what the dimensions are? Is it bigger than a regular Paddy satchel the way the smaller Zippy is? I think I prefer pockets on the outside, though, for cel phones.
  3. This is a new design. LVR also has it, so does Browns London.
  4. OMG! I really like it.
  5. Diabro has the blanc version. :yes:

    However this website has received mixture response about Chloe Bag.

    I personally like it but the leather looks so stiff and rigid...
  6. Definately looks much better in this colour -- (mouse?), although it may be personal preferance. It's growing on me though.
  7. Roxane - who is LVR?

    I too was looking at this bag but could only find it at net-porter. I really like the grey (mouse). I love it but do I love it $1755 worth? I am not sure. This would be the most that I have spent on a bag, but I understand Chloe is worth it.
  8. I initially liked it, and I still like it, in an "I like the looks of it sitting on a table" way, but I just can't picture it on someone's shoulder, I think it would look strange unless it was pretty structured.
  9. Thats HOTT N SEXY ! ! !
  10. I like it, but how is it more double zip than usual?

    And I think there are the same pockets as the regular Paddy. Just look.
  11. ooh..i like this bag!
  12. Diabro calls it the Boston Bag. I love it but one bag at a time for me...
    If anyone gets it, please do model it for us!!
  13. I had bad experience with LVR, prepaid for a bag then they told me they never had it, got my money back but would never deal again as I had promised to a customer. They took & confirmed my order :wtf: :nuts: