Chloe Dilemma

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  1. OK - I'd never heard of this bag before joining this forum. I didn't like it at first but now I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!!! The thing is I have never seen one IRL. I'm going to Paris in early May so my questions are has anyone been to one of the Chloe stores there? What is their selection like? Can I pre-order and will they send bags to you? Everytime I think I've settled on a style and colour, someone posts a picture and I totally change my mind. I don't want to order from LVR at this stage because of my Paris trip. I was set on the shopping bag, then I just saw a picture of the Edith (large) so now I want that, then I saw a picture of another largish bag, so I want that. Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!!!!

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  2. I like the tote the best :biggrin: I've never been to the Paris boutique, come to think of it, I didn't even see it when I went to Paris :sad: Post pics when you get it@!
  3. I'm with Noriko! I love the tote.
  4. i like the paddington tote and the edith
  5. I love them all :love:
  6. I think I like the shopping tote the most too. LVR is out of stock in white though :sad:
  7. I think the tote is much more functional than the edith. Especially for a bag size that large, it'll be a pain after a while of lugging the handheld around.
  8. I like the Edith :nuts:
  9. I love the edith, but I like that one in the middle. What's that called? That color looks great on that bag!
  10. CAL-
    They cant send things from Paris....It isnt allowed(I tried in September when I was there)
    However it should be cheaper to buy it in Paris..Plus you fill out forms at the airport for the additional refund.Although they took 3 months to credit the last one!
    I will be going to Paris again in a couple of weeks...with my little one...I will check there for you and let you know
  11. Paddy and edith are my favs. I think the 2nd one is too fussy.

    Both are gorgeous :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm hooked on the shopping tote, but can't seem to find one. Thanks Jill, let me know how you get on at Chloe, unfortunately I can't get the tax refund as I live here in Holland. I just had my residency application rejected so maybe I can.
  13. The tote gets my vote.

    I saw the middle bag this wknd at nordies and it was large and bulky and IMHO, ugly. It looked like a diaper bag in person.

    Definitely the tote, it seems very functional.
  14. i like the tote the best, i think neiman marcus has one up on their website for not much less than that ebayer, who is legit. i think you should go with it!