Chloe Dilemma! Please help!

  1. Hi Everybody

    I just got these 2 gorgeous Chloe handbags but I can't decide which one to keep. Please help.
    BGV7582_mn.jpg NMV8821_mn.jpg
  2. I like the first one...the shape is nicer and the colour is richer!
  3. Even though they are distinctly two different bags they are quite similar; off brown colors, rolled handles, rectangular shape. You bought both of them because obviously those factors appeal to you.

    My suggestion however is to hold up each purse to your clothes and see which model matches your wardrobes' color pallet the best. Your eye should tell you the rest, then choose that purse.
  4. Hard choice, both are sooo cute. My vote is the edith(I think)!!!
  5. The first one! :biggrin:
  6. Tough call on 2 beautiful bags . . . personally would choose the Edith, it's just a style I love and I think the color you have is great. Do you REALLY have to choose? :p
  7. I love the first one! It is gorgeous!
  8. the first one!
  9. I would choose the first one because it looks easier to get into and out of. Also, I find I wear tan brown more than dark brown because I'll wear tan with black.
  10. I say the first one (is it an Ascot?) - the leather looks amazing and soft and the bag looks much easier to get in and out of than the Edith :yes:

    Let us know what you decide ;)
  11. ooo! both are gorgeous, but I'd prefer the first one, simply because I'm a shoulder bag gal... good luck with your decision! :smile:
  12. The ascot style for sure :smile:

    no comparison lol!
  13. Yup the first one is an Ascot (I had one of those!)

    I would pick that out of the two choices you have listed
  14. I would choose the Ascot style... hands-down. :yes:

    The other seems way too cumbersome to get into, and I've never liked this style either... looks off-balance to me. Just my opinion!!!
  15. I like the Ascot too!