Chloe detectives! Can you identify this bag?

  1. I snagged this Silverado from the sale table at Nordie's yesterday. :yahoo: I'm not sure what it is, though. I know it's a silverado, but it doesn't look like a doctor bag or a hobo. What is it? Is it the hazelnut color? Help!!


  2. I have no idea what the name, but I love it! It's sort of hippie-chic-ish but with a modern map-bag kind of flare. LOL, I'm a dork.

    But the bag is really pretty. I'll bet it breaks in really well! :yes:

    Oo, modeling pic??
  3. I don't know the name and have only seen one in the F/W accessories look book. It was a new Silverado style first introduced for the season. It looks like noisette (official Chloe name) or hazlenut, as US stores called it, but I'm not sure from the pic.

    Love the bag! Our Nordie's doesn't carry Chloe bags, and Nordstrom is about the one place that has continued to have a lot of the silverado styles.
  4. Looks like some sort of silverado messenger bag (I made that name up)...but it is gorgeous!! And you mentioned it was on the sale table?
  5. Yes it's the Silverado messenger! Rare style -- beautiful!
  6. Thanks ladies! I didn't know how to identify the bag to myself in my mind. Maybe I should just name her. :smile:

    Yes, she was on the sale table - marked down to $549.90, which I think sounds like a really good price. It fits really nicely over my shoulder, and I love the color. Hooray! :yahoo:

    I asked the SA if they had any other Chloes on sale - they didn't. I feel like I got so lucky!

    Thanks again!
  7. Great deal!!!! Congrats~

    The colour is beautiful!!!
  8. Umm...I'm certainly NO model....but here is a pic. Sorry it's so dark.

  9. yes, it's hazelnut, but I don't know the style name... pretty color, congrats!
  10. Yes, it is called a Silverado messenger bag. I have seen that color and the grey at Nordstrom.
  11. You look so cute with it! Great purchase!
  12. What a GREAT find!!! :yahoo: That is a great bag, and you got it an exceptional price. The silverado bags have always had, IMHO, the most fantastic leather!!

    Enjoy your new bag, you wear it well! :smile:
  13. looks fab on you

    congrats, looks like you got a really great deal :biggrin:
  14. Lovely bag - great price, looks fab on you!:yes: :heart: