Chloe Denim Logo Tote Yay or Nay???

  1. [​IMG]

    $830 at Bergdorf Goodman

    Its a "thumbs down" for me.

  2. me too!
  3. Me as well!

    It lacks innovation
  4. Great as a beach type tote, but you dont really want to spend that amount of cash on a beach bag lol :biggrin:
  5. Nay! :push: They are really struggling after Phoebe left...
  6. Personally I have trouble paying anything over $200 if it's not leather. I really don't see how such a price can justify the product. At least with Chloe's lucious leather you can appreciate the time that has been spent crafting the excellent quality of the leather. Denim is just cotton
  7. Yuk. Denim on any bag is a thumbs down for me.
  8. I really think it is cute. Really cute. But, $830 is an investment and I really don't see that paticular bag as investment quality. Perhaps when it goes on sale you could snap it up!
    Also remember, "Don't Double Denim!"
  9. eek! nay for me! and the price sheesh!
  10. Hehee it would really be great as a beach tote but too pricey for that.... It's kind of boring to be honest IMO.
  11. The older canvas bags were better. Nay on this one.
  12. That's a NO for me... it doesn't excite me at all and for $830 it better make me REALLY excited.
  13. I say NO. Leather is the only kind of Chloe to keep!
  14. Nay :yucky:
  15. Agreed; this design is a shocker! As was said previously, I also prefer the old canvas bags, although their logos were a bit too bling.