Chloe Debut

  1. Does anyone know when the chloe whiskey paddy made its debut? Was it 04 or o5? Thanks!
  2. The actual paddy did not make its debut until 05! March was the first release for them (It just seems they have been out alot longer :yes: ).

    The whiskey came out I believe end of 05/beg 06 on the Paddy and then followed in the Edith.

  3. Thank you Chloe-Babe!

    So the differentiation which has been discussed in this forum between the 05 and 06 whiskey paddies is really just between the winter 05 model and spring 06 model.
  4. Thanks for that clarification, chloe-babe - I agree, it really does seem as though it's been around much longer!:yes:

    And, IMO, it's still holding up very, very well.:flowers: