Chloe Deals!!

  1. This is the latest Sacoche email I received...I know that a few girls have purchased from this store before. They are having more sales on their chloe bags...

    BD178 = $475
    1. 7SS274-7S462 Blanc, Camel, Orange

    1. 6SS447-7S416 Muscade, Orange BD228 = $608
    2. 7SS451-7S416 Blanc, Ecuriel BD300 = $800

    1. 7SS351-7S436 Moka, Navy, Orange BD293 = $781
    BETTY1. 7SS184-7S408 Gallet, Navy BD219 = $584
    2. 7SS191-7S498 Moka, Navy BD275 = $733

    1. 7SS262-7S461 Argent BD315 = $840
    2. 7SS262-7S461 Blanc BD273 = $728
    3. 7SS267-7S461 Camel BD335 = $893
    4. 7SS262-7S461 Orange BD285 = $760
    5. 7AS261-6A461 Noisette BD285 = $760
    6. 7SS282-7S430 Argent BD334 = $891
  2. Evolsidog -- Thanks for such a detailed posting on the Chloe bags! I'm new to the forum and am not familiar with Sacoche...any chance you'd be willing to post more details? I'm wondering whether the store is online and/or has an NYC outpost. Thanks again!
  3. a quick google search turned up that the Sacoche Boutique is in Bahrain but is an authorized Chloe dealer listed on the Chloe website and you can get their ph # from
  4. :smile:Hi there - they aren't online - but you can email them and they are pretty helpful. Email address is - hope that helps!:smile:
  5. Thanks so much!
  6. :smile:Your welcome!
  7. do you have to pay taxes when it arrives like when ordering from LVR?

  8. Great! thanks Lescoy! I got a little busy at work and wasn't able to respond as quickly as i had hoped..
    they are very nice and will email pics. I have pics of all the bags in the above post but can't figure out how to post them!!

    let me know if you need any immediately i will try since there is a time difference and you may not get a response from them immediately.
  9. :smile:Hi there - yes I contacted them last week actually, but now they have dropped the prices, so I'm glad I didn't order yet!!! I have the phone number, so I can call and order and give them my card details that way if I decide what I want! Only ONE!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. :smile:I was told by someone that they will put on the form what you want them to! However, I don't know if that is correct or not. Thing is, if you don't declare the value, and something happens to it, then you wouldn't be covered! So I think its something to think about, and then to discuss with the store. They seem very helpful - and I'm sure will have experience of Customs and any kind of problems etc.
  11. Thanks! :p I'd completely forgotten! :shame: Bahrain has been mentioned for years on several fashion forum threads as an excellent Chloe source.
  12. ooh. I would really love to see pictures...thanks!!!!
  13. can you purchase online? where is it located?
  14. They do not have an online store but you can call or send emails--they don't respond quickly to emails so don't freak out. They put a small value on the customs forms to avoid duties but their shipping can be quite high. I have heard they have charged upwards of $80 for shipping. They have also been known to offer free shipping so you can always ask for that. I did have to pay a conversion fee to convert funds from USD--I think it was around $30.
  15. Hi green_eggs!

    Thx for the info...I emailed them =)
    how's their customer service.? and do they have a lot of bags in stock?
    sorry for the my 1st time purchasing from them...

    so for the just put your info via email or phone?

    thanxxxxxxx =)