Chloe Cross Body - Wanting one

  1. After searching for vanilla/craie/sable regular satchel and proven to be vain, I moved to Chloe Cross Body.

    There is a post for this earlier that Saks is selling it for as cheap as $580 which I'm sure that it'll be gone by now. :crybaby:

    I went to NM and its still full price.

    I dont mind paying a little bit more but not full price after knowing it's gone cheaper.

    Does anyone know where I can get one?

    Will appreciated!


    chloe cross.jpg
  2. Ooooooooooh! I think I might really want that!! LOLOL. Chloe is TOO addictive.

    How big is it? I'll go check NM. :wlae: Ooh, perfect size. I really like it with either being a tote shape or scrunching it like the poster in the other thread!! I figure I could hold books in there, then take the books out and shorten it to use as a handbag after school! Two issues though - the amazing weight (I'd take the lock off *shock*) and then keeping it nice. I'm REALLY good with bags, though, even school totes. My current Coach one has a lot of white in it and it's PRISTINE! I have a pad in it to keep it from touching the ground - I could find something like that for this.

    Maybe I could start a thread on asking if this is a good idea in the eyes of everyone else (at the Chloe board).

    I'm going to try that sale anyway!

    Man I REALLY want to do this!! Yippee. (I'll pray and pray.)

    Okay so that's THREE, no FOUR Chloes I really want soon! LOL oh NO!

    And it's all Chicky's fault! I'll never forget you, girl! :devil:
  3. It's a really cool bag, esp in the Castor or Muscade colors-

    I had one returned it and there are a couple of things about the bag that I didn't love. The top is sort of difficult to get into since it's narrow and the zippers don't readily open all the way. It's really heavy, even with the lock off, and the cross body strap is really short, when I wore it cross body it was up right under my bust unless I turned it to the back. The other thing was the strap is sort of wide, heavy and in the way if you choose to hand carry the bag. If you want to remove the strap you still have these big links at the top of the bag. I'd try it on in a store if you possibly could just to be sure it suits you.

    If it works for you definitely enjoy it! It's a great looking bag!
  4. You know what - my Paddy's not too heavy without lock and key. Woohoo! :yahoo:

    I can feel it - I'm getting one!!! *crosses fingers*
  5. Oh thanks, Sparkle, I didn't refresh to see your post before my last one. Sad about the heaviness, boo. Perhaps I can stop at NM tomorrow!

    I hope it's good!! *crosses fingers for THAT*

    Good news - it appears I've crossed over 200 posts tonight! Woohoo! :party:
  6. I'm so depressed. I lost an auction, wahhh. :crybaby:I was sure that I would love it for other uses if not a school tote.
  7. I totally agree what you say about the shouder strap (and also agree it's reaaally cool bag, I saw it in muscade and loved it!:love: ). I saw it in store and liked the way it looked but the wide and a bit stiff shouder strap turned me off as it looked somehow difficult on the bag.... I just wanted to remove it and see how the bag looks without it...unfortunately I was in a hurry so I didn't do it:push:
  8. I want one too. The price of less than 600.00 is probably the closest that i will come to affording a paddy. Is the difficulty with the opening something that is too great to overcome?
  9. Ditto re: the price of owning a paddy... if I can get one of these sale cross body totes, it's pretty much the only way I can afford one.

    I'm calling tomorrow even though I should have called yesterday and crossing my fingers. If it isn't meant to be then it isn't meant to be and my credit card won't get the exercise it doesn't need in the first place.
  10. I missed out on the saks sales as well, but purchased one on eBay from someone who did manage to get the sale price! If you look, you will notice there are several of these up on eBay now, and several that have sold already. You might be able to negotiate with the sellers on the price knowing how much they probably paid for it. Even so, it's still a bargain at some of the prices your seeing on eBay right now.

    The bag is really cool, but incredibly heavy. I don't keep a lot in my bags, but I weighed mine with my stiff in it and it was 8 lbs. I'm 5' 10", so the shoulder strap is just right for me to hang off my shoulder. The bag doesn't look that big, but you could fit a ton of stuff in it.....although you'd probably look like quasimoto carrying it.

  11. Can you please please post a picture of you with the bag?? :p I love to see one so can I know exactly how big it is... is that okay? :love: :love:
    Thank you~!!!
  12. sparkledust, I returned the one I got from the Texas store you got yours from. The zipper was stuck and I had to tug the leather from both ends to finally get it to open and realised, just as you did, that the inside is kind of tough to get into. I tried closing the same zipper and it wouldn't budge. So back to the store it went. Too bad because it was really a good price though now I read someone got it for $400+++.
  13. Lena - yours ARRIVED already? Shucks! (And were you the one who out-offered me?)

    I really wanted the Nutmeg colour in the end.

    Mine was set to come parcel post, but I inquired about a shipping upgrade.

    PG handbag, they were gone by Sunday, and the SA said today "it doesn't exist anymore." :confused1: Weird way to put it.
  14. There's a walnut cross body shopper at Saks in Chicago on Michigan ave as of yesterday. They want 700 dollars. The SA to ask for is Elizabeth.

    Good Luck?

  15. Sorry :crybaby: , I'm not comfortable posting pictures of myself. Check the completed items on ebay. I know I did see some pictures of it being worn in a few of those auctions.