Chloe Cross-Body Paddington On Sale!

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  1. The Paddington Cross-Body bag is on sale at Neiman Marcus. It is the exlusive black on black hardware. I bought this originally for $1800, but it is on sale at the website for $995. It has been there for the past week or so - I think because it isn't tagged as a sale price (no red icon) so people haven't noticed it.

    Chloe -  Paddington Cross-Body Bag -  Neiman Marcus

    Hope somebody can take advantage of the great deal!! :yahoo:

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  2. Thanks for the tip; you're so observant! A true shopper. I love the Paddington style. I havent seen this one in the store...forgive me but it looks a little like a backpack style...oh yes its a messenger? Cute, maybe not for everyone. I prefer the standard satchels and totes.
  3. That's a nice bag. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Is it bc it's smaller?
  5. Love the black on black hardware!