Chloe Cream Paddington

  1. i'm new Hi everybody..

    okay, here is my story, i've been wearing LV and dior, but somehow got so addicted to chloe paddington, especially the cream colored one.

    my question is, will it go on sale during Thanksgiving/Christmas season?

  2. Welcome:woohoo:You're going to love this place!!!! Next month Nordstroms will have a sale on chloe's so check then it's possible it may be included!
  3. thank you very much for the info!!!!!!!

    and is the sale country-wide? i'm in LA
  4. Moving this to shopping section...
  5. oh, sorry....
  6. That's ok. :smile:

    Welcome to tPF!
  7. What kind of sale is Nordstrom having next month?
  8. Not sure what kind of sale it is but my SA said they are having great markdowns next month on Chloe's:nuts:!!!
  9. cooooool~~~~~~