1. I believe "elephant" is just the color name. I have seen some of the new bags in stores and they are lovely, but I hadn't seen all of these! The paddy messenger is amazing. Now to justify it after buying all these sale bags...
  2. Elephant is just the color name. I saw the swatches in the book for A/W 07 at the Chloe store in SCP. It definitely varies in color depending on the bag. It is much more greenish tan for the paddington, which I saw the actual bag IRL. I am dying to see the Elvire in this color and really hope it is more grey so I can replace my destroyed front pocket paddy with it. For now I am keeping a black elvire hostage!
  3. Oh ok...thanks for clearing that up! :yes:
  4. Glad I am not alone. I saw it and ran. I didn't think any further, until someone else pointed out here, that it was the colour.:rolleyes:

    The leather actually looks very elephant like.
  5. :roflmfao: Too funny!!! LOLLLLLL!!!!!
  6. Whoooaaa!!!! I would think the prices would come way down!! Look at the size of these babies!! That's a whole lotta handbags!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. It does look like elephant skin, I could see why people could mistake it for real elephant skin.:sweatdrop:

  8. :roflmfao:That is too funny!!!!:roflmfao: Thank god its not real elephant, I think that would be totally awful. Those babies are too cute to hurt.

  9. Wow, the bags all look gorgeous!!! :drool: Maybe I am in trouble after all! :wtf:

    I do find the website hard to load on my computer (slow dial-up connection). Is there anywhere else, other than LVR, to view the new season handbags?
  10. I am definitely in trouble - the Elvire looks amazing and I love the color!
  11. I dont see anything that I just have to have. Maybe that will change after I see the bags irl!!!!
  12. I saw a few of the bags IRL at Nordstrom last week and Bloomie's today. The elephant color is really nice - kind of a greyish brown (like roche, but a bit warmer? hard to describe) and looks nice on the new Paddy. The leather was really soft and smooshy, but not as pebbly as previous seasons. They also had the new style Paddy with the smaller lock and the chain, which I didn't like as much, but I'm sure they'll grow on me.

    The one I really liked was the Bay shoulder bag, which was really cute and fit on the shoulder well. They had a new color of the Bay, a tomato red, but the leather wasn't as nice as the other Bays - it didn't have that washed-leather vintagey look.