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  1. Hi Dragonette!
  2. Hiya muggles! :biggrin:

    Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
  3. Thank you kdo, dragonette;
    seller wasn't cooperate at first, but now he's willing to accept return with partial refund, WTH???? so, I am trying not to frust out on this as he's burning his own bridge selling on evilbay especially he's new with few feedback. i will get my money back only matter of time.
  4. Hi Leslie! :heart:

    dyyong, seller is being very silly not to cooperate! Well, Paypal won't side him with a fake bag anyway!
  5. last night seller finally agreed with return with full refund, fake bag are on her way back to the seller. now the :search: begin :lol:
  6. Phew, what a relief. The search is half the fun...good luck!

    Hi dragonette and everyone!
  7. Hello! Everyone has left it seems!
  8. Oh, dear...we're trying, muggles! Well we have Memorial Day weekend coming up so I wonder if people are gearing up for that, or busy with the Nordy / Saks / Chloe sales. One of my bf just bought the small Mavis in bark today and I'm so excited for her! Me, I've been busy with shoes lately. I. Must. Stop.
  9. Hi everyone!
    I was at Nords today and did some major damage.....
  10. Hmmmm....
    Can we see the major damage!!! :yahoo:
  11. :nuts::yahoo:Can't wait to see the evidence! The suspense is killing me!

  12. Ohhhh, The big things I got were a gorgy Elizabeth and James Light Grey Blazer, a Vince Boyfriend Blazer, and a Missoni dress.....and lots of tops that add up to major damage......
    ( not one bag tho ! )
    I will post pics this week-end!
  13. Can't wait, Leslie! Sounds like you had quite fun! I need more clothes, too. Just got 3 pairs of shoes.
  14. Hello girls! Muggles is here at her boring old job!
  15. Hey muggles! What job are you working these days? I guess it's a neccessary evil to support your bag habit! :biggrin: