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  1. Omg how horrible. I'm so nervous buying from those sites. I try to stick w/ major department stores so u can always return
  2. Hope u were able to get ur bag!
  3. I got it, thank you! And it’s real and in great shape!
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  5. What should my next Chloe be? Have the Faye in tan...backpack for summer? I'm not 20 so dont want to look ridiculous ... would love ur suggestions! ❤
  6. I would vote against a backpack for summer as it is a magnet for thieves... Especially in touristy places.
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  7. Does anyone own the Marcie or anything in Navy Ink?
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  8. I have a marcie long wallet in navy ink! I love the color!
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  9. Thank you!!
  10. My real name is Avril, missholly1212 was my British giant rabbit sadly departed now.
  11. Hello, is there any love for the Nile bracelet bag? I just got one in medium but can't find much talk of it here
  12. Can anyone help me out? Is the mini marcie (interior) the same size as the small tess (interior) or is one larger? TIA:smile:
  13. Did anyone in this forum purchase a quilted Faye Backpack? do you like it? Will you post pics?
    Thank you
  14. Deciding between these two for an everyday crossbody. Opinions please! Tess or new aby chain

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  15. I vote for the Tess. I'm so happy with mine. (A black large.) Show us what you got when it arrives!