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  1. Smaller
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  2. They're about the same size, but the mini Marcie is wider.
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  3. I am curious if the Nile bag is still a trendy IT bag or is it a classic style by now? I could be wrong, but I thought the style should be quite wearable for a long time (I hope).
    Does anyone know when was it first launched in the Chloé collection?

    I am considering getting one, but it is really hard to decide on the size as well. Any advice? Thanks!
  4. The small is not really workable as it doesn't fit many of the latest model phones. The mini surprisingly does though. Of course the medium will.

    If possible, you should try all sizes in person to she which better fits your aesthetic. I originally though I wanted the medium and wouldn't even consider the mini....but once trying them the mini was the best fit for me.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Is it possible to share some mod shots?
  6. upload_2018-9-26_12-41-55.png
    Just got this lovely paraty. Time to bring her out!
  7. I have a medium Red Chloe Marcie Hobo, hopefully arriving tomorrow! Chloe I’ve missed you! I don’t know why I ever strayed!
  8. My new to me CHLOE Marcie IMG_3353.jpg
  9. I haven’t noticed anyone being very chatty lately!
    Are you all still loving your Chloe?
  10. I do, I just ordered my first pair of Rylee boots:smile: I'm so thrilled!
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  11. I just added a preloved blush nude medium Marcie to my small collection and I'm in love with her!! We are are out having some pancakes for dinner right now LOL!

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  12. Description says Bark, I think it must be it.
  13. Does anybody here own the Chloe Sonnie Sneakers (low version) and can give me a review about its wearbility / comfort with use? I got a pair and totally love the shoe, but the upper rim heel is very very high and pushes into my heel/achilles tendon, which seems to be a garant for blisters...
    I funnily cannot find any useful reviews only excepts for influencers saying that they are supercomfy without any more explanation. I am happy for every report! :smile: TIA.
  14. I just purchased a Chloe military paraty from luxtradesy on tradesy.
    Thought I was purchasing from a US seller based in Houston, come to find out bag is being shipped from Beijing, China! Major red flag, was not told it was coming from China, it did not say anywhere on her listing it was coming from overseas. Tradesy states overseas sales final. How the heck would you know it was an overseas sale if it doesn’t state it in listing!
    Have to wait until noon to call Tradesy in California and find out how bad I got taken!