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  1. Dears.. can you recommend nice shoes (pumps or sandals) to go with chloe biscotti half moon nile :heart: thank you :flowers:
  2. Hi, I am new in chloe thread. Ever posted longtime ago when I fell in love with Faye and got one finally. Now after sometime, I saw this turquoise drew in preloved market and makes my heart sings! What do you think about the color? Is it versatile? I live in all year summer country. I do have one drew which is red. Having two bags with same that too much? 20170618_075459.jpg
  3. Angela
  4. Such a beauty!
  5. I haven't seen many posts on the new Chloe bags for fall, such as the pixie and the new Faye day bag. I'm SUPER excited about the Faye Day bag, because the only reason why I've held back on buying the medium Faye is because you can't wear it crossbody and since I travel so much, I love having that option - plus depending what I wear, shoulder bag straps can sometimes slip off which totally aggravates me lol.

    Plus this version you can also carry by hand on the top strap and fit way more inside than before and the zip-up gussets at the front are really interesting. Nice potential for color-pops that way in the future.

    Anyone interested in getting these or have preordered? I would in a heartbeat (getting the small size) if they had more colors than just brown at the moment...and if I didn't have to wait until October :amazed:
  6. I don't think it's too one point at had two Drews as well, but I sold the mini version because I can't deal with smaller bags. And if you're in summer country 24/7, the color is gorgeous!
  7. I think that's a perfect bag and who here hasn't dreamed of having a closet full of Drew's so that you can coordinate them with your outfit? I think the colour is absolutley stunning but I'm intrigued, how did your Drew stand up the to the test of time? I'm looking at getting one myself but in the suede and leather contrast in inky blue but I'm worried about how delicate it is. I live in Switzerland most of the year and I'm worried about the suede holding up.
  8. I like the bag but the colour is putting me off because Chloé does neutrals and bold colours so well that that's all I want to invest in! Do you think they will release more colours?
  9. Hello all! I'm Oddity or Odders... I've been a long time lurker of the forum. Mostly reading up on, and admiring designer handbags from afar... Until now. :amuse:

    Never really got into them until I found one I really liked when I carried a basic bag I bought at Ross and learned it was copying/inspired by a Chloé Hudson. Since then I got to test drive the style and realized I have a thing for crossbody bags; keeps your hands free and I just loved the fringe and boho vibe it gave off... But the Ross bag was quickly falling apart, the tassels kept falling off and reattachment was a pain especially if you're out and about and it just falls out. :wtf:

    Bought my first truly designer bag, a Chloé Hudson mini tasseled bag in the pre-loved market in excellent condition this past Sunday and just waiting for it to be authenticated by A4U ( which I heard about here and then hoping to get docride's advice on leather care before I start wearing.

    Wishing the Chloé forum was a bit more active. :crybaby: I'm hoping to get some help on the leather care of the bag but the threads relating to it is mostly questions asked and not answered... Once I garner some experience I hope to contribute to the forum. :yes:

    Here she is. I love 70s style and plan on wearing this for life. :love: Watermarked of course:

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  10. Hi! I just purchased my first Chloe from Fashionphile and it's not your typical Chloe. I've never seen it before, more of a one off I believe. They actually had two on the site ( I went with this one because it came with a box and dust bag and was cheaper). Would anyone be able to help me out with identifying this bag? It doesn't have a proper name, simply titled mini sac draw string. Fashionphile stated it was from 2017. TIA!! Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.37.51 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.37.34 PM.png
  11. There is another like this one on Poshmark, but googling didnt help with details of a name. I wonder if its a 'See by Chloe' ? But either way its a really pretty Chloe and i love those chain and leather straps in the photos i found on poshmark. If you love it thats all that matters.
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  12. When the bag arrived from Fashionphile it came with a note from Chloe saying "please enjoy your perfume and this exclusive leather pouch". So I figure it is something they did for a promotion and sent to some people. I'm so happy I snagged it. I'm absolutely in love with it!
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  13. Hi girls
    I have the Chloe Nile bag in Biscotti beige and somehow I am finding it very difficult to match a pair of nude ankle strap block heels (e.g Stuart Weitzman) to it. Usually the sandals are more yellow toned and the biscotti beige handbag has a slight pink tone to it. Can someone pls suggest me a pair of ankle strap sandals (brand, style & colour) that will go well this bag.
    Hope someone can help me.
  14. You dont need to treat Chloe bags - they are pretty amazing. Though i would consider it for a white bag
  15. Could anyone tell me if the small nile is the same/smaller/larger in size than the small/mini marcie? TIA.