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  1. so excited, I just bought my 2nd Chloe from Farfetch... the Hayley nano! I have been eyeing the Hayley since it first came out, and just couldn't resist this little mini crossbody version. I'm going to Europe in Oct and was going to wait until then, but realized I could get the same price from Farfetch. the bag is $990 at Neiman's, it was $727 from Farfetch plus 10% off referral code so about $650! will post a reveal when it arrives next week.
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  2. Congrats on getting that bag at such a good price. You can take her to Europe now as your travel companion. ;)
  3. Hello all!! This is my first time on the Chloe side and I do NOT want to post such a dumb question so I'm hoping someone here can answer my question. I have searched and looked at pics and cant find the difference between the Large Paraty and the Large Military Paraty. Is it the wider strap only?? And I am know HOOKED on Chloe!!!! So original and the large is actually large (unlike Chanel or Fendi) . I have a new fav!!!! :biggrin:
  4. Hello ladies! I'm new to this thread but have been around on the Lexa thread for a few months. I just made my fist 'expensive' bag purchase last week. Got the Chloe Lexa in black that I've been dreaming of since the day I saw it. I'm so proud to own such a beautiful bag and hope to be able to add a Faye or Hudson to my closet some day. Anyhow, I'm really enjoying seeing all of your pictures and reading the chit chat. Have a wonderful day and give your beautiful Chloe's lots of love!!
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  5. Hello ladies, welcome to the thread and subforum.

    Not sure, as I am not a Paraty expert. I remember there was a thread somewhere about the straps of the Paraty and I think that the difference between the bags is the strap. But, not sure....

    The Lexa is very pretty and definitely on my never ending wishlist. Never seen her irl, though. My local boutique has only a very few bags each season... Enjoy your new purchase and good luck finding Faye and Hudson.
  6. Hi, welcome!!! Congrats, it would be awesome if you could post pics of your Lexa....they are a rare sight indeed!
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  7. As requested, pictures of my darling Lexa!! My local store only had a few Chloe bags as well....I pretty much squealed when I saw the black Lexa on the display lol
    IMG_20161212_101854.jpg IMG_20161210_193055.jpg
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  8. She is absolutely stunning and suits you perfectly. Thank you for posting pics.
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  9. Thank you!! I'm glad I could share some irl pictures. The leather is super thick and luscious....just a beautiful everyday bag!
  10. I wasted about $1200 on lower level designer bags that resembled the ones I really wanted before I finally said "Forget This" and sucked it up and bought the one bag I really wanted. I will never make that mistake again. You can't beat the quality of the real's so much more satisfying to save up and walk away with the bag you really want even if it takes a while to save. I hope you do or did end up getting your beloved Marcie!!
  11. Yup!!!!!!! I bought way too many MK bags this way. It's just the instant gratification gets you, rather than say waiting a year and only buying one. But that's changed now
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  12. Hi to the Chloé forum :wave:

    I've been wanting a Chloé Indy square wallet in black for months but they've been sold out all over Europe. I prefer smaller wallets so it seems to be the perfect size for me. This week I finally found one on Farfetch. Impatiently waiting for it to arrive! Link to Chloé's own pictures of the wallet:

  13. Hi all - I just received a small Faye as part of a wedding gift from my husbands friend and can't ask where he bought it or for a receipt because my husband thinks it would be insulting. It came with dust bag and authenticity card but no tags. This person has spent a ton of money on us in the past and there is no way he would give a fake bag- he also gave us an expensive suitcase and another purse etc but I don't like the colors of the purses. Is there any way to return/exchange it/ manage this situation without asking him where he got it or having to sell it for much less? We just got it last week. Thanks!
  14. Hi I'm new on this forum, I've never owned a Chloe bag. I really like the red drew bag. My question is this bag a seasonal bag or something that I can wear forever. If anyone on here could answer this for me ASAP I would really appreciate it. Bloomingdales is doing presale and I'll get a $300 gift card for purchasing the drew. Thank you to anyone who can advise me.
  15. I'm in love with the Chloe Drew bags in all the colours but this is a recent obsession and I feel like I'm getting onto the bandwagon a little late. Is this bag a trendy one that will look outdated now? I personally think it looks classic and I love the black suede and leather. I did wonder, for those who have it, how the suede holds up? I'm also obsessed with the lighter colours but scared sh*tless that there'll be colour transfer. Does anyone have any experience with this?