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  1. I'm so looking forward to your first reveal. Yaayy!!
    You know what...I'm actually kind of glad that Chloe bags are not as popular as LV / Balenciaga / Celine. Perhaps I'm a snob (haha!) but it just seems more exclusive that way.

    I'm curious, what bag are you eyeing next? Paraty?
  2. I did!!! I will post pics soon, I'm at work trying to sneak my phone out :smile: Its beautiful though! The perfect true red color!
  3. I'm glad they are not popular as well! I finally got the bag yesterday! I will be posting pics soon :smile: Its gorgeous! I'm actually eyeing the same bag but in Tan for my next purchase...I love the hobo style!
  4. :sad:I just got my green Python Silverado back from my sister and I'll tell you, it did not look like the same bag I gave her(she had it for 5 years). :throwup:It was BAD.... Now, maybe it was my fault because I didn't tell how to take care of it. Anyway, I've got it back, got some cleaning lotion made just for exotics skins(snake, croc, ostrich, etc) It's looking better, after 3 cleanings, but still a ways to go.
    Yes, it needs to be stored after use. High maintenance, probably not more than any other bag. They all need care.
  5. Does anyone know what is the going resale price for a quilted Bay? Those in eBay seem to be still high (around USD600) but they have been unsold for some time. I received an offer for my spanking new Bay at USD200 and something's telling me that is an insult.
  6. Hi Ladies!

    I have a question about the Chloe Sally. I have it in black and I noticed lately that the color has become so dull looking. I don't know how to explain it but it looks like the bag is covered in dust (but it isn't) if thats making any sense :confused1:

    I tried to wipe it with a tissue but that didn't help. Should I try some leather conditioner/cleaner? I have these items:
    - Meltonian All Purpose Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
    - Armorall Leather Wipes
    - Weiman Leather Wipes
    - Boston Leather Cream

    Would love to know which of these is safe to use on the Sally's leather. Thanks!
  7. Oh, wow... Erica just got in a parade of new winter Chloe!!! :woot:

    Marcie in Holly Berry, Icy Blue, and Velvet Mauve and Paraty in Icy Blue, Icy Mint, and Odalisque Pink!

    Ugh, she's killin me! :love:
  8. Hi guys,
    I wanted to add my question to the chit chat thread but it wouldn't let me since the last reply is older than 133 days, so I am really sorry for posting this here (i cannot start a new thread either).
    So I really love the chloe marcie in nubuck leather but i am kind of on the fence about the material. Is it hard to maintain? Is it more like suede? I am not very gentle with my bags which makes me wonder if this is going to be a match made in heaven or a big no-no?
    Please let me know :smile:
  9. Love Chloe!
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me whether pale coloured Paddington bags always have darker edges to the leather, or whether some have self-coloured edges? I always thought they should be darker but I've seen some pics that appear to show white Paddys without the darker edges. Just want to know what to look out for when I buy a pre-loved one.
    Thank you everyone.
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    Ladies, I just got my first Chloe- a medium marcie in chocolate suede!

    I got it for 1085, which I consider to be a pretty good price. While I really like it, I'm having a hard time deciding weather or not to actually keep it. I'm sure most of the people here have a lot more experience than I do with what I call "fancy" bags, but I'm a newbie.

    Can you help me pro-con this? For reference, it's not like I need the extra 1K for anything, it would just go into savings, but it's not like I'm rolling in cash.

    Do you think I should send it back, just based on all the reservations I'm having?

    Thanks much!

    Please see picture below:


    P.S. I'm having struggles getting a picture up. Eeps, hopefully people can see it? For reference, it's this one:
  12. ^^Marcie is such a beautiful classic bag - my absolute favorite. However, I do not have any bags in suede. Not sure how they hold up or break in. I have small/med marcie satchel in tan leather & it has held up so well & is nice & soft & broken in. Also very high quality. Whenever I carry this bag I get compliments & people notice it.

    So if you love this bag, keep it! You also got it for a lot less than retail, so that is wonderful. Let us know what you decide.

    Just looked at photos & it is so gorgeous! Beautiful color.
  13. Beautiful bag and great price.
  14. Yeah, I really like that it's a neutral color and also had some concerns about the suede. However, I can feel that is it pretty thick, durable suede and I suppose I will have to trust that Chloe is decent quality...

    Still not sure though. I also just got a YSL Cabas in a similar color and am really not sure if I should keep one or both. For reference, it's a medium taupe (?) color:
  15. Hi girls, I haven't bought a Chloe in so long, but have one on it's way which is almost identical to one I parted with years ago and have missed ever since. I'll post a reveal when it arrives :smile: