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    mom passed this BEAUTIFUL NAME up (Raquel) for Heather:wtf: how original! lol

  2. OK ;)!
    I really love this name "Heather". Has "Heather" any translation or is only a name :confused1:...? I think Raquel is like "Rachel"...
  3. I was told its a purple blue colored flower (Irish) Then someone said its a weed! lol Yes its like it (Rachel) but its not. She liked the name for Raquel Welch! Hello, shes still HOT!!:graucho: Personally I think it (Raquel) fits me much better, Heather is so common. Im kind of a rocker girl anyway. The grass is always greener on the other side!:p

  4. Hello~ My name is Vivian.

    Most people call me Viv for short. I like it better too as Vivian sounds too formal :p

    I think my mother named me Vivian because of the movie Gone With The Wind. :shrugs:
  5. ^^ Lovely name I think its elegant! Nice to meet you VIv:flowers:
  6. OMG :nuts:! Raquel Welch :nuts:! What a lady and what an icon :woohoo:!
    I would like to be...but I have nothing in common with her :sad:... only the name :sad:
  7. I know it!:tup: See you got a HOT:graucho: name the ladies in my family look like we could be related to her. My mom could be her younger sister easy.;) When i think of your name (Ms. Welch) is who I picture. Beautiful talented woman! I think your living up to the name flawlessly dear!:yes:

  8. Thank you Heather :heart:
    It's wonderful to meet you too. :hugs:

    I think Heather is a great name. It reminds me of the 80s movie Heathers, with Winona Ryder, Shannen Doherty, and Christian Slater.
  9. LOL Viv! See darn it,:cursing: thats what everyone says! I have never even seen it! They are EVIL HEATEHRS aren't they?:push:

  10. oh we have a mixture of great names on here dont we! i love the name heather, it means a purple flower that some think is lucky!!
  11. You'll never guess mine...

    I have TWO first names...

    Maria is the obvious one...
    ... Belén (Bethlehem) is what i am called when i am not online ;)
    = "Mary of Bethlehem" (BTW, i love my name!)
  12. Really? You've never seen it? Wouldn't be a bad weekend rental. I love that movie!

    You can be the GOOD Heather! :angel:
  13. :roflmfao:LoL! YEAH RIGHT:angel: I will have to go rent it. OMG i think i just picked up a brand new silver metallic paddy and Maybe a large front pocket sable too. Im not even going to wispering :graucho:the price I paid or i might be publicly beaten! :wlae::sweatdrop::yahoo:
    [ quote=rx7girliegirl;8927277]Really? You've never seen it? Wouldn't be a bad weekend rental. I love that movie!

    You can be the GOOD Heather! :angel:[/quote]
  14. [/quote]

    If they ever remake the movie, you can be the newest HEATHER~ not the evil one or the popular one... but the one with the BAG addiction :p
  15. :roflmfao:LOL:sneaky: That doesn't sound:whistle: like me at all!:blah: