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  1. We all seem to be such a friendly bunch in the Chloe subforum, I know a lot of us here know some of each other on a first name basis already, but I thought it might be nice for some of us with the more obscure tpf id names to actually introduce ourselves.

    I'll start. daisyrockyrosie - or DRR - real name = JESSICA :smile:

    (daisyrockyrosie were three shar pei dogs we used to have)
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  2. Von= err von, short for yvonne but no one calls me that
  3. I think this is a great idea :heart: We all have such lovely names!

    (And might help us with guessing who gave us our presents for the gift exchange if they didn't leave their forum name :graucho:)

    I'm Mica. Qwerty234 is a screen name I never expected to have for very long as I basically just wanted to get bags authenticated - but I got caught up with visiting the forum and got more involved, and it's just too late to change it now!:Push:
  4. bag*mad*bags= sheree
  5. Cute idea.
    here goes mine Lamissy = Jane
  6. Guess what, my name is BRIGITTE. You would have NEVER known that, would you!
  7. Likewise, Sian (that's pronounced sharn!), not very imaginative but still...
  8. That is a great idea! I'm still kinda new on the forum, and have talked with some of you via private message. I can't wait to get to know everyone more (even though this place is a bad influence for me!). Mine is BlueAspen= Jessica
  9. Mine is...Astrid! Heeheehee :P
  10. c00kies = Carol :smile: nice to meet u!
  11. my Screen name is mona_danya

    Mona is my name
    Danya is my older daughter's name

    I created this screen name when she was born almost 9 years ago....
  12. My real name is very difficult to know (only have a look at my signature :roflmfao:)...Raquel.
  13. my name is Kayla for those of you who don't really know me:cutesy:
  14. My name is Nat... RascalCat is my screen name after one of my cats! :amuse:
  15. My real name is Amber

    Jenova is a highly dangerous alien (referred to as 'The Crisis From the Skies') from a video game.