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  1. Congratulations Mona,sounds the best work in the world,I hope we can visit your online store soon
  2. Hey Parsons! You didn't share any sugar with me!!! Haha I still remember the fudge!!! Yummy!
    Hi girls!
  3. muggles!!! -
    and happy little porky is back as your avatar- he has so many fans!!! love that pig...
    good to see you back here, even as a fleeting visit. :hugs:
  4. I love your piggy, too, muggles! He cracks me up and makes me smile!
  5. :sos:
    Hi girls! My friend has given me this Chloe bag (photo attached) to sell for her on Ebay, but I can't find any info on it online (style/color name, year, original price etc) so I hoped that perhaps you could help!

    I appreciate any additional info you may be able to provide with your expertise!!

    Thanks so very much in advance!

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  6. Thanks first official day was today and it was pretty hectic! it was kinda cool though, yet the idea is not quite sinking in....then I had to rush home eat and relax for a bit before taking Danya to her recital dress rehearsal for dance...I got back home at 10PM and I am DEAD tired....
  7. This is a Large Betty bag, not certain of the colour name though! you could probably ask $400-$500!

  8. Congratulations, Mona!! :yahoo: That is very, very exciting! Sounds very interesting and much fun - yes work, but fun work. :biggrin: You will be great at your business, I am sure!
  9. Yayyy! Thank you so much!!
    Any idea of the original cost by chance? Many thanks!!
  10. Hello sweets!
  11. Hi muggles!!!!!!! What's up with this weather?? Puts a cramp on my bag wearing style.
  12. Hey ho how is everybody today? I have been a busy little bee applying for jobs here there and everywhere..I have an interview on Tues and the job sounds great, no split shifts, crazy early mornings or really late nights :biggrin:

    Now how do I make them realise I am perfect for this job? Theyre bound to ask me what I can bring to the company or what I want the job...what do I say??
  13. Oggers- you don't need to make them realize anything. Just state your qualifications and relavent experience in that field and relate everything back to how you will be a contributor to the team. Then allow them to draw up their own conclusion. It is important to show your energy and excitement about the company and the position, all the while showcasing your strength and talent. Good luck and keep us posted!
  14. Good luck Oggers.....
  15. Hey mona, how was the second day of work? Hope you had a good one, get a good night's sleep!
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