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  1. Thank KDO, Happy Mother's day to all you too...

    and YES, I'm getting a small Whiskey Marcie from Chloe Las Vegas...David there has been helping me and he's AWESOME....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    our spring started a whole month early this year...infact we hardly had a winter by canadian standards...but its still not super hot all the time! we are still very thankful.
  2. HAPPY MOTHER's DAY To All you Fantastic, Hard-Working Chloe Moms!
  3. yes happy mother's day to all the chloe moms!!!
  4. Morning, girls! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mother's day for me was very pleasant, spent with my family with my kids giving me mother's day wishes all day, and dinner spent with dh. Hope you all had a nice one as well.

    mona - Can't wait for you to get your Marcie! :yahoo:
  5. Uk mother's day was a while ago, but hope all the US mums had a good day, and were spoiled immensely. :biggrin:
    On the UK day, my eldest son bought me a huge box of childhood sweets, full of shrimps, blackjacks, fruit salads, fried eggs, parma violets, sherbet dabs, candy necklaces, milk bottles, coke bottles, refreshers, dolly mixture, etc....
    I did say-'OMG I can't can't can't eat all this sugar, and colourings."
    and promptly did, in 3-4 days. Demolished.
    UK ladies- you know what these all are- evil, but very edible.
    Good Mother's day for me a few weeks ago- and hopefully for you all too, yesterday :smile:
  6. I had a GREAT mother's day, my 5 years old DD made me a very sweet card and a picture frame with just 2 of us, 3 years old DD is too young to understand yet but she keep on saying Happy Mother's Day and keep on kissing me the whole day :lol:
    I was treated as queen by DH that he took care of the kiddos, and cook :tup:
  7. soooo now that I have finalized my business venture I can tell everyone what it is....
    today I have signed a partnership agreement to co-own a local consignment store here in Ottawa....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::happydance::party:

  8. CONGRATULATION mona!!!!! :party:
  9. Wow, congrats Mona! That is very exciting news, and it sounds like fun too! :nuts:
  10. thanks Dyyong, pilatesworks....I'm very excited! it'll be work I'll love going to everyday.
  11. :yahoo::party: :drinkup: Wow, congratulations, Mona!! Sounds an exciting adventure! Wish we could visit...will you have an online store? :graucho: It sure makes a great difference having work NOT be like work. Keep us posted on your progress.

    parson - your treats on Mother's day sounds sinful and yummy!

  12. Congratulations Mona that is awesome:ghi5:!
  13. That's great news Mona, sounds like a job all of us would enjoy!
    Congratulations! :yahoo:
  14. #4454 May 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 11, 2010
    Thanks Parson, Ali and KDO....

    xxx please do not discuss your business here, thanks!
  15. Oh how fun! Have a fantastic first day! I'm sure it'll be interesting, a great learning experience and full of excitement.
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