Chloe, Celine, Gucci sale bags @NM, BG - follow the links

  1. Thanks for posting-I'd be tempted with the Chloe if it wasn't ivory. :yes:
  2. just ordered the metallic betty...let's see
  3. i noticed that too!! is that why i havent been seeing any good deals lately?? how do you see them?
  4. I noticed that too!
  5. I bookmarked the pages of bags that I like before. Then check the links often to see any bag coming up. I'm so happy to be helpful.
  6. thank you! but does anyone know why us who didnt bookmark cant see?
  7. Cocojean,

    Yes, you are very helpful.. :smile:
  8. I looked all over the website and have been unable to find them, too. So, thanks so much for the link.
  9. Thanks coco! I love the Edith if only it wasn't IVORY!
    Someone get it - I would get it dirty in the first hour I took her out!!!
  10. Do you have any other Chloe bookmarks saved that you could post here? :graucho:
  11. Smart!!! Good job & thanks for sharing!
  12. its killing me that these bags aren't showing up on the sale page!! am i the only one?? maybe it's a sign....NAH