chloe Canvas range

  1. Hi all, has anyone seen the canvas range from Chloe in stores? do u guys think its worth paying for the canvas? the choco brown one is pretty enticing..:love: :wlae:
  2. Hey Babydollqueen.
    I haven't seen them in the stores here yet. Do you have a photo you can post?
  3. I wouldn't personally go for a canvas bag - i don't mind paying money for leather because you know it's going to last for years, but canvas...i just don't know if i could do it.:confused1:

    I'd like to see a pic too, if possible?:flowers:
  4. My honest opinion on uncoated canvas, is it's not worth the money. I don't believe in anything that's going to be stained for the kind of money chloe wants.
  5. hey guys! yeah i'll take a pic on my next trip down to the dept store. yep its really pricey for just plain canvas. maybe thats why its not been selling well and has been there for a couple of months!:girlsigh: :girlsigh:
  6. I pretty much agree with the above statements. One of the wonderful trademarks of Chloe handbags is their scrumptuous leather. With the canvas bags, you're missing out and paying a lot for the canvas, but really what matters is whether you are digging it or not. ;)
  7. do you mean the ones that have the large Chloe written across the front?

    I think they are abit like the sort of bag that a teenage girl would love, as they are cheaper than leather, but it is obvious who the designer is!!

    have attached a piccie of the ones I think you might mean!

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  8. hey chloebabe! yeah thats the color i saw, but the design of the bag was a little different. the CHLOE sign was a lot more subtle as it was at the side instead of the front, and it was longish in shape. yeah i thought it would be a gd bag for travelling. oh well,, guess i should pass on this one. :P