Chloe Candbury Boots - should i? which color?

  1. Should I get these Chloe Candbury Boots? I would LOVE the high heeled version but I just can't walk in them. I'm not 100% sure about the flat the thick white contrast stitching too much or is it cute?



  2. These are flippin timeless?????????

    If you don't believe me look at this picture! Oh, I like the Chloe's even better and this lady's is pretty cool?

  3. what picture???? i wanna seee!!

  4. You can't see the older lady fashionista with the boots?:confused1:

    Go with the flat black Chloe boots, timeless!
  5. no, i only see the 3 fotos of the boots that i posted?
  6. ??Do you see this?

  7. still nothin'!
  8. i see now! lol. not sure why it didn't work b4. those are the Perth boots, though. they're these ones here....


    they don't have my size at the store i found these at, tho. :sad:
  9. They're lovely - I love the big long zipper up the back; it makes it a bit edgier than a riding boot. I think these will go with everything and they're so simple and elegant!
  10. Okay? but the ones you want to buy are actually better than the ones in the picture. At least I think they are. Don't let the white stitching stop you. I have a pair of black boots with white stitching and I'm in my forties; I don't consider them cute!
  11. thanks girls! i'm going to the store to try on the black ones that're being transferred to me. they also have the brown ones...i dunno if they're going to sell by tomorrow, though so maybe my decision will have already been made for me! lol.

    omg, susieserb, i'm such an idiot.i think my screen was just loading super slow because now i see the pic of that woman TWICE from your previous posts! :shame:
  12. These boot are beautiful! May I ask how much were they?
  13. I have those boots and I love them!! I think they are timeless w/ an edge & I love the contrast in the heel! I wear them all the time w/ my edith messenger and my bowler & theyre comfortable - I like the stitching & the zipper makes them different. :tup:
  14. Oh, I'd go w/ Black (I have Black) - you'd most likely wear them more!?! but I guess it really depends - I've also seen them in red someplace.