chloe camera collection

  1. i'm considering selling my chloe camera bags. i have two big totes and a small one. i haven't seen any real ones selling on ebay... do you think they would sell? or should i not bother? they're an older collection...
  2. I'd love to see them!
  3. charging my camera right now, but they are a part of this collection:

    the look, hardware, details and handles are the same... just that the shapes are different. they retailed for about $1400+ but i've just never used them for some reason. they are pretty big (except for the smaller one, which lindsay lohan and victoria beckham have).
  4. Thats a great bag
  5. I think it'll sell on ebay!!! those bags are nice!
  6. yep, I think they will sell too. Try and include the piccies of the celebs wearing it too, some ebay buyers are so shallow, they will only be interested if they think of it as an IT bag :biggrin:

    Good luck if you decide to sell.
  7. thanks for the feedback guys! my big worry about ebay is that every single one listed right now are fakes... i don't know where to set my price point for it as a result, cos those are going for like $400
  8. Camera bags are much less cloned on ebay than the Paddys and Ediths. Do you have the original receipts for the bags. As long as you can prove authenticity, you will be fine. :smile:
  9. i've seen some on ebay few months ago, but it wasn't selling. maybe because the sellers put the starting bid too high.

    good luck on selling them it's beautiful :P
  10. do you know how much the sellers put their starting bids? i've seen quite alot in the past but they looked like fakes...
  11. Friend of mine tried to sell hers but nobody bought it even after she relisted it several times. I think it was up for 499$ but I'm not to sure. They don't seem as popular as the other Chloe bags. I do love the leather on them. Good luck!!
  12. i forgot how much they started the auction, but i think it was around 600-700 which is seems expensive as some paddys are started at 800 or 900.
    i was tempted to get one too, but i figure it's too expensive foe this small bag and i'd prefer to get a bigger bag :P
  13. I've kept my eye on older, "vintage" Chloe bag styles, the camera line being one of them, and they really haven't done too well on ebay. I think that with proper documentation, you can expect to get 400-500 on them. It's lousy, I know, but the demand really isn't there.
  14. oh stop it chicky :biggrin:, we so do not need any more encouragement ;)
    that is one cute bag though :biggrin: