Chloe Called and my bag is here- should i get it?


Dec 2, 2005
amanda said:
i want the cream sooooo bad. i'd say get it!

It is hard to deciede bc I have never actually held one, I only saw one with a woman holding it before. I found lots of pics with celebs and the cream one and it looks good on them , so hopefully it will look just as good one me.


Sep 13, 2005
madeline said:
What do you mean, check it well? For damage? Also does anyone know how the "cream" color looks or have a pic of it? i am worried about the color.

Yes for damage, the locks look prone to have dents. The one I had to return had a huge knick on the lock as well as a few minor dents, also there was a huge oil spot and the leather had a worn spot. My SA said that Chloe bags are not meant to be perfect..but IMO they should have been more perfect than that:lol: