Chloe Cafe-au-Lait Paddington Hobo Bag

  1. Hi there girls,

    I know that there is no trading on this website and I hope this thread doesn't breach those rules (which I guess it mean might do but....)I have the Chloe Paddington bag in the hobo style, the one from the Summer 2007 Collection. Annnnnywho I am still 100% in love with the traditional Whiskey or lighter coloured tan Paddington and want it soooo badly! Do you guys think I'm crazy and I should still just stick with the one that I have? I just love the traditional paddy soooo much.

    Does anyone know where you can swap genuine bags?. I wouldn't even mind if I had to have an older used one from someone! I have asked people on e-bay that appear to be selling genuine ones but they all need the money. Boooo! Please help! I feel like I'm being disloyal to my hobo but you can't help you're feelings eh?! xxx