Chloe Buckle Boots

  1. I am sooooooo happy! I just scored a pair of Chloe buckle boots for $220 with shipping at Saks. I can't wait to get them:smile:
  2. oh wow, you did good ;)

    congrats, and you have got to show us the piccies when they come.

    What colour did you go for, and welcome to the forums, you will love it here lol :biggrin:
  3. I'm jealous! I just ordered them from the BG sale for close to $700!! Good for you!
  4. you are sooo lucky! i'd love to have a pair for that price!
  5. Ooooh! That's the best price I've heard of...they're gone from the site, though.:crybaby: What color and style were they exactly?
  6. Congrats to you.
  7. That is a great price!!

    Does anyone have these boots? I'm debating on if I should get them. The color says brown but I think it looks like whiskey?
  8. ^^ Thanks for the pic - I thought you meant the tall boots and was probably going to lose my mind trying to find them for $220! :nuts: Those are pretty cute, too, though.
  9. I bought the edith knee high boots from Saks two weeks ago. The color is I matches my nutmeg edith perfectly. They're comfy too and I got a ton of compliments on them.
  10. ^does it have Chloe stamped on the tag thing on the back? I remember seeing that somewhere.
  11. i went out for dinner once and saw a girl with knee-high chloe boots, which looked gorgeous, but do they come in wooden heels?
  12. I got the low boots too for $214, I had a Saks SA locate them and they were in my town so I got them yesterday- I love them!
  13. how tall is the heel? it is sooo cute
  14. 4 inches...but everyone says they are the most comfortable shoe to wear, so I guess I'll find out!