Chloe - Bronze Silverado Tote

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  1. If anyone should come across this bag in their shopping travels, PLEASE let me know ... I'm just salivating over this :blink: !!!!


    This picture is from an auction on eBay ... Chloe experts ... how's the price on this? Decent or too much?

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  2. We need the hook to the auction...
  3. I know the seller for that item I think. Can't remember her handle, but she runs Chic Designer Boutique, in the ebay stores section. She's English, so I'm a bit biased, but I think her stuff's real.

    On a sidenote, I saw a girl carrying this in the regular size whilst at work. The colour is stunning! (Well, I don't know if it was real - I don't exactly work in high-end retail - but if it wasn't then it was one HECK of a fake!).
  4. Love the word "whilst" -- I don't think Americans can carry that off as well as the British!
  5. First ... here's the link to the eBay auction:

    Second ... I had to laugh at IssMom's comment about "whilst". I work with so many expats, that I've gotten so used to hearing "whilst", "loo", "cheers", etc. that it doesn't sound so strange anymore. Actually, you find yourself starting to incorporate it into your parlance (although I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN AMERICANS TRY TO PUT ON A BRITISH ACCENT - Hello Madonna?)