Chloe Bowler... What do you think????

  1. Don't love....too long for me...
  2. Save your money for another paddington.:yes:
  3. Not my favorite
  4. I prefer the original Edith bowler.
  5. Never been a fan of the original Edith so not a fan of this - sorry
  6. You know what?? I like it! I prefer it over the original -- a bit more interesting and that color is pretty. Let us know if you choose it and post photos. :yes:
  7. Odd, I'm not an Edith fan (even though I love the boots) however, I really like this new fangled Edith bag? Go figure? I'm with eatcoastkelli.
  8. I really like the color, but design-wise I'm distracted by the buckle style and zipper in the middle of the leather, it's a little busy for me.
  9. I can see where they were going with the adjustable handle length, but it's just like the Kooba Paige handles! I'm sure someone did it before Kooba but now that's all I see. I vote no, sorry.
  10. Thanks everyone for all your honest opinions. I'm not sure how I feel about it, it's strange at first glance but the more I look at it I start to like it:yes:
  11. I'm not loving it....but then, I didn't like the Bay at first either, and now I'm a HUGE I don't go much by first impressions any more.

    That having been said, I do prefer the original Edith bowler. It has such a fun shape and can hold so much!