Chloe Boutiques 50% off?

  1. Hey Chloe girls ........ just heard a rumor ............. Chloe boutiques 50% tomorrow? Monday 12/3 ........
    Don't have details, styles, colors .... etc.
    Check it out ......... NY & South Coast Plaza ..... only 2 in US????
    Gotta run will get more details later!
    Good LUCK, I hope it's true!
  2. Oh wow...I wonder on what???

    So how do we find out what the sale is on? Maybe just a few people call and list what they have so don't all bombard them with the same question!!
  3. The Chloe boutique in Selfridges (London) had some sale items yesterday - a few medium paddies and a bunch of babys. Nothing else... not sure if that helps you!
  4. Did anyone call?
  5. I was gonna call tomorrow!
  6. I just called the boutique at South Coast Plaza. Right now they're at 30% off, she did not mention going to 50% off. They have the following on sale:
    Evening bags

    I guess if they go to 50% off it will be these styles. I don't know colors or prices. But, they do ship. Shipping prices are $15, $25 & $35. Hope this helps.
  7. WHAT? Capsules!!
  8. I will go tomorrow. Will try to take photos of the paddys there.
  9. I called the South Coast boutique and they confirmed the sale was 50% off but would not go into any details on the bag styles - she kept repeating none of the classic styles were on sale. I'm looking for the Chloe paddington capsule satchel in black or brown and she said they weren't on sale. I called NY and they said they were but all sales were final and I should come in person (wish I could!). If anyone gets to either boutique and can give more details or post photos that would be great.
  10. Yeah the rumor was correct! Good source!
    I also just checked the Chloe website, there is a boutique in Florida too.
  11. Just called Dorothy, 1-714-481-0308. Give her a call, she is super nice. And they do ship overseas.

    large Chloe paddington capsule in whiskey, originally $2140, now 1070.

    Small alis now 1002.5. EW paddy in black moka and light brown, originally 1540 now 770. large ew paddy black and brown?? did not ask for price. several patent quilted bay left.

    A link from Saks, showing what the bags look like:
    I saw the NS capsule paddy, larger of the capsule paddy and the quilted bay.
    Alis and Elivire.

    BTW, when I went last week, they had audrea, Beata, wallets, keychains.....Don't know what's their inventory now.
  12. I called Nordstrom and they agreed to pricematch the boutique and NY confirmed to them that the medium paddy capsule satchel in black and brown were on sale 50% off. I talked to Deb at Nordstrom Mall of America if anyone is interested.
  13. ooooh! someone should PM to the Elvire satchel. They had those earlier too.
  14. Starbuxxx,

    Sorry for my naivete, but how do you do the price match? I just purchased the elvire from Nordstrom, do I have to get the price match at the same store?

  15. you have to ask for a PM before you purchase. They will tell you the store you want to match prices with must have the Exact item you bought. Nordstroms is really good about price matching.