CHLOE Boutique Sales have started- 40% OFF!

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  1. Girls -- NO Paddingtons, No Bays, but tons of great stuff at 40% off! I will post this in the regular Deals section also.
    GOOD LUCK - Post your FINDS!:yahoo:
  2. Does the boutique carry agenda's?

  3. I'm not sure ali ---- give them a call, I know bags, shoes, clothes are included.
  4. Thanks;)
  5. Is this sale for chole boutiques everywhere in the world?
  6. I went to Chloe NYC and there were many bags on sale - lots of paddys, bays, a blue betty shopper and a blue python betty! Does anyone know if Chloe boutiques will do a 2nd Cut like the department stores?
  7. Paddys & Bays were on SALE? Quilted Bays?
    I have never heard of the boutiques going lower than 40%.
  8. Actually, I'm not 100% that ALL the bags were on sale there. I went to one section where there was an Ava, the Bettys and maybe some others and Jason said the bags are 40% off. The bays and paddys were in other sections across the store.
  9. What about the shoes?