Chloe` Boots

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  1. Hello fellow Chloe` lovers,

    Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of boots will be out for winter? I was really hoping to get a pair of Paddington boots (the ones with the two buckes - one at the top and one at the bottom) but I can't seem to see any on Netaporter or Neimans. I have seen a pair of the Chloe Leather Buckle Boots but they just don't appeal to me. There is definately something special about the Paddington boots :shame:
  2. That's a hot style your describing that was produced (I believe only) last year. However I noticed eBay has two pairs for sale (unused) in Africa (dark brown). I think in in sizes 39 and 38???:yes: Check them out. Gorgeous boots!:nuts:
  3. They have some on
  4. Hey through Sunday these items are reduce an additional 15%.
  5. Thanks for the info ladies :smile: Pity the pair on Yoox is a size 35 only - otherwise I would have snapped that pair! I will keep my fingers crossed that Chloe` decides to re-produce this design.
  6. They have a lot of sizes in the brown colour! What size were you looking for?
  7. How do you get 15% off?
  8. Saks has some different styles on sale also. I grabbed a pair yesterday while the site was down. Reduced 30%.

    Go to the designer section for shoes and handbags and pull up Chloe, then click on 'sale' under Chloe--more styles show that way rather than going through the sale area-- wierd, but I find that many times on the Saks site.
  9. I wish I knew this trick yesterday. Most sizes are gone now!
  10. I was looking for a 7 or 7.5, i guess im more closer to a 7.5 though
  11. I got these last year and they are by far the best pair of shoes I own.
  12. I really really really want these boots now...
  13. did you get them?
    I have the brown ones in a 7.5 and I am normally a 7. They a little big on the foot but the calf size is perfect!