CHloe boots

  1. Hi

    i'm looking to purchase a pair of chloe boots online and was wondering whether anyone can give me an idea regarding the fit. several people have told me they run small, but i want to be 100% sure before i purchase. i usually wear 7.5/8/ sometimes 8.5 and someone told me that would be equivalent to a chloe 39 or 40?

    anyone have any ideas?

    thanks much!
  2. I'm a true size 9 and I purchase the 39's in the Edith boot and the Paddington cross buckle boot. I also had a size 39 for their new bootie. Are you a size 8 the majority of the time? You're probably safe with a 38-38.5. Which boot are you looking at? Anything with a toe bump? i.e. the new Quilted Chloe Boot would probably be TTS.
  3. thanks for the response! i'm a size 8 majority of the times, but I'm wondering whether its safer to buy a half size up since i'll probably be wearing thick socks with the boots. i'm looking at the chloe wrap boots.
  4. Those wrap boots I think are the same as the Paddington crossover buckle boots that I own. The toe is not bumped on that boot, so if you want to wear thick socks I would go up .5 in size i.e. 38.5.