Chloe boots?????

    They are so cute and I think they would match my whiskey edith in the winter:drool:. However, I don't see an openning to put them on:confused1: So I'm thinking they may be pull on's, which I am not to crazy about. Every pull on boot I ever had was difficult to get on and off:sweatdrop:!
    So my question to all who have this boot, is it a pull on and if so is it a struggle to get them on and off? Oh yeah, do they run big or tts?
  2. How much are they?
    Yoox also has them for $800!

    They'd be perfect with the whiskey edith...I was eyeing them too but don't wanna pay $800!
  3. It has a side zipper...if you do a closeup you will get another image with a side view of the boots!
  4. Yes, the side zipper doesn't go all the way up, or else they'd have been bought by me, last pair in my size...
  5. omg they only have it in a size 10
  6. they have all sizes on
  7. They're only $590@ bluefly plus the extra 15-20% off code:nuts:!
    They only have a size 10 and I wear a 9 but I thought they might run small.
  8. thats a great price! damn.....

  9. Ali they actually run true to size. I have three boots with this prototype toe and sole from Chloe.
  10. Thanks Susieserb, you saved me from falling in love with something I would have had to send back!!!!
    Those are some gorgeous boots, I must find some in my size!!! But now that I've seen that price I don't want to pay more than that... Whats a girl to do!

  11. I PMed you okay. Let me know.
  12. ;) pm'ed ya back!!! Thanks:smile:
  13. I own these boots, but in the muscade color! They are gorgeous! Such a classy boot. :smile: