Chloe boots

  1. Can anyone tell me if Chloe boots run big, small or true to size?
    I have some Edith Canbury boots (I think that's what they are!) on hold at Bluefly, but I'm a size 39 and the boots are a 40.

  2. When I tried those criss cross boots on they seemed a bit small even though they were my size.
  3. No Bern they will be big. I'm a 39 in this boot (yes I have it) and they fit perfectly, very roomy and nice. You'll probably swim in a 40.
  4. Oh bugger!!

    I guess I shouldn't chance it because I'm in Australia and I'm sure it will be an expensive drama to return them.

    Thanks for your input ladies!!
  5. I would buy them anyway and wear thick socks.
  6. Well I ended up finding these boots online at Neiman Marcus in a 39.5.
    They just arrived safe and sound (I'm in Australia) and I'm absoluteley stoked with them!!
    No photos yet (I don't have a digital camera!), but they are my first Chloe piece and I'm over the moon